Roll Off Containers

Tub Style Container

With a focus on safety and delivering the best product to you, our containers feature the following standard elements:

  • EMW manufacturing tag
  • Compliant to safety requirements of any site
  • Single or double back door
  • Safety engineered road rating

Standard Sizes

Available in standard sizes from 8yd to 40yd. Custom sizing available.

Product Options

Roof Options

  • EMW’s EZEE Rolling Roof (Patented) – the safety standard
  • Winchable roof
  • Solid fixed roof
  • Sealing roof

Available in steel, plastic or chain link


  • Standard commercial strength
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Light duty

Wall Type

  • Tub style (tapered walls)
  • Custom design

Paint & Finishing

  • Acrylic enamel (standard or custom colours)
  • Caulking all seams
  • Specialty spray-on liners

Door Options

  • Single or double back door
  • Sealing back door


  • RFID tag
  • Stairs
  • Wildlife deterrent doors
  • Handrails
  • Platforms
  • Inside partitions
  • Side door
  • Rear skid pads or rear rollers


  • Residential and commercial general waste
  • Residential and commercial recycling collection