EMW is focused on the safety of its staff, its clients and its clients’ staff. We produce operating and safety instructions in English, French and Spanish (when required) and have developed a number of internal practices and safety measures.

EMW ensures the safety of its staff, clients and products by:

  • Adhering to the waste industry’s safety standards for quality and manufacturing
  • Maintaining ANSI Z245.30-2008 compliance for all containers
  • Performing engineered stress-strain analysis for all parts (pictured)
  • Completing safety engineered load rating(s) which are calculated for capacity and shipping
  • Adding reflective tape for safety operations

EZEE Rolling Roof (Patented)

EMW has designed and developed the EZEE Rolling Roof – a solution for potentially hazardous and dangerous winch systems for roll off containers. Winch systems are susceptible to mechanical failure, such as the cable slipping off the pulley which can cause harmful injuries to staff.

The EZEE Rolling Roof is easy to operate, exceeds all safety requirements on any job site, and does not include wires or a winch that could malfunction or fail. EMW’s Rolling Roof has a safety risk audited assessment grade of 1 (compared to winch lids which are graded as a 3) and is OHS and OSHA friendly.

EMW Manufacturing Tag

We are proud of the products that we manufacture and stand behind them in terms of quality. We install an EMW Manufacturing tag on every container that we produce. All operating and safety instructions are available in English, French and/or Spanish.

EMWorks Manufacturing Tag



EMW’s RFID tag allows you to take control of your containers – wherever you may be. RFID tags allow for inventory control and tracking, including for quality assurance purposes and product authentication. You can effectively track and search assets that are in hard-to-reach areas and positions.

Designed to fit subtly on each container, the RFID tags can be read up to six metres away and can be read on a handheld reader or your cell phone.