Rear Load Containers

An ideal waste handling solution for tight spaces such as urban areas and alleyways, Rear Load Containers are highly accessible for residential, commercial, and industrial waste handling projects.

At EMW, our Read Load Containers feature safety decals, reflective tape and have rounded corners with no welded floor seams. They also feature our EMW manufacturing tag, guaranteeing our commitment to premium container quality.

Our read load bins are also purposefully manufactured to ensure nestability, providing a space-saving and economical solution to both storage and shipping.

A Secure Waste Handling Solution

Our Rear Load Bins are available with optional spray-on liners.  Our spray-on liners provide biosecurity, with a resistance to rusting, organic acids, high alkaline and acidic solutions.  In addition, they provide enhanced durability with a higher fire rating and improved sustainability.

Browse our Rear Load Containers below to find the waste handling solution that will meet and exceed your needs.

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