Side Load Containers

With its angled side-loading lid, Side Load Containers provide a highly accessible way to safely store and remove waste with ease.

At EMW, our Side Load Containers are ANSI Z 245.30-2008 compliant with safety decals and reflective tape. Thanks to their rounded corners, they offer enhanced strength and benefit from not having welded floor seams to ensure a product that will last longer.

Our Side Load Containers are nestable and available for long-distance shipping.

Durable Waste Handling

Our Side Load Bins come equipped with our spray-on liners. These liners provide:

Biosecurity, with resistance to rusting, organic acids, high alkaline and acidic solutions.

Enhanced durability with a higher fire rating.

Improved sustainability.

Browse our Side Load Containers below to find the waste handling solution that will meet and exceed your needs.

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