Front Load Containers

Slope Top Container

With a focus on safety and delivering the best product to you, our Front Load containers feature the following standard elements:

  • No welded floor seams, ensuring a longer lasting product with fewer floor replacements
  • Rounded corners provide added container strength
  • Interchangeable lids between 4yd and 6yd containers
  • Full skid with a quick-disconnect castor pad
  • Safety engineered load rating
  • Containers are nestable for long distance shipping
  • EMW manufacturing tag

Standard Sizes

Inside dimensions, in inches. Height by width by depth and loading height.
*Custom sizes available!*

3yd47 x 82 x 49 - 55
4yd52 ½ x 82 x 54 ½ - 60 ½
6yd53 x 82 x 67 ⅝ - 64
Slope top bin
  • Full-Recycling-lid
  • steel-lid
  • Flat-top2
  • Flat-top3
  • Front-Loads-Skid,-Castor-Mount,-Dimple-view-from-the-Bottom
  • 2-8yd-Front-Load-2

Product Options



  • Single ply
  • Double ply
  • Specialty (organics, cardboard chute, can/bottle chute, paper/co-mingle)


  • Spring-assisted steel with safety prop
  • Wildlife deterrent
  • Butterfly
  • Welded-back lid (non-nestable)

Automatic Lid Locking System

  • Front mount
  • Side mount cable
  • Side mount cable-free


  • Front
  • Back
  • Side
  • Rear-sliding

Castor Wheels

  • Swivel
  • Fixed


  • Acrylic enamel (standard or custom colours)
  • Specialized coatings

Additional Options

  • Forklift pockets
  • RFID tags
  • Customer decaling installation
  • Specialty spray-on liners


  • Residential and commercial general waste
  • Residential and commercial recycling collection
  • Hazardous waste

Custom Bin Design

Need something specialized? We can do that, too. Tell us the details of your project and we’ll work with you to develop your ideal bin.

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