Environmental Metal Works (EMW) is leading the industry in developing innovative solutions for waste collection, the oil and gas industry, organics and hazardous materials and scrap steel, among others.

EMW Manufacturing Tag

We are proud of the products that we manufacture and stand behind them in terms of quality. We install an EMW Manufacturing tag on every container that we produce. All operating and safety instructions are available in English, French and/or Spanish.

EMWorks Manufacturing Tag



EMW’s RFID tag allows you to take control of your containers – wherever you may be. RFID tags allow for inventory control and tracking, including for quality assurance purposes and product authentication. You can effectively track and search assets that are in hard-to-reach areas and positions.

Designed to fit subtly on each container, the RFID tags can be read up to six metres away and can be read on a handheld reader or your cell phone.

EZEE Rolling Roof (Patented)

To improve the safety of your team on the job site and reduce the difficulty and other related challenges of using a winch system, EMW designed and developed the EZEE Rolling Roof. This product meets the needs of clients in the oil and gas industry, and could be the solution for your job site or location, too.

A superior product, the EZEE Rolling Roof is easy to operate, exceeds the safety requirements of any job site and does not include a cable or winch system that may malfunction. With a safety audited risk assessment score of 1 (compared to winch systems which are rated a 3), this roof:

  • can be opened or closed in less than 10 seconds
  • opens on either side of the container
  • is OHS and OHSA friendly
  • requires less overhead clearance

Shipping Solutions

EMW has developed significant advances in container manufacturing that allow us to ship more containers at one time. What does this mean for you? We can deliver more containers faster than other waste container manufacturing companies.